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Looking For Student Accommodation in Leeds for 2023-24?

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November 17, 2022

Leeds is a thriving, bustling city and as the population grows, finding good quality student and professional accommodation before it’s snapped can be a challenge! Choosing the right house to meet all your needs, as well as finding somewhere that feels safe, comfortable, and homely can be stressful. Here are a few tips on how to make things easier:

Pick A Student Property That Is Part Of The Unipol Code

Standards for student houses under the Unipol Code ensure that students not only have the basic necessities but also a comfortable living environment. As an impartial mediator, Unipol ensures that there’s a good working relationship between the tenants, landlords and letting agents.

Start Early

It’s always advisable you start looking for accommodation as early as possible because, in the past 2-3 years, demand for student housing in Leeds has been significantly increasing. Whilst tenancies start in the summer, you will find students looking as early as the preceding October to make sure they have their pick of the best properties.

Don’t worry; there are enough student houses in Leeds, but it’s always the best ones (and the biggest) that go first.

Decide On The Area, Budget And Required Amenities

It’s always good to know what exactly you need from your property; a list can be really helpful with this. Are you looking for a house near the university or near the city centre; how important is having shops, pubs and restaurants nearby; do you want a house or a flat?

As important as it is to consider the location, it’s always good to set a budget and list down your requirements so the agents and the landlords can provide you with suitable options.

Remember to factor in the cost of bills when you’re setting budgets. You might also want to consider things such as appliances, furniture, room space,  number of bathrooms, security, outside space and light.



Student Rents With Bills Inclusive

Nowadays, most student accommodation includes bill-inclusive packages that cover most utilities. Our own packages on our all-inclusive properties cover gas, electricity, broadband, water, TV license and contents insurance – but not all landlords and agents will provide these. Checking which houses provide these amenities is always a good idea.

Having bills included has become the norm in Leeds, especially for student shares wanting to avoid the hassle of fighting over bills, making multiple payments and setting up various utility accounts.

With the current energy crisis and the rising energy prices, the costs of these services will be higher than normal – so make sure you understand what these are and set a budget for them.



Picking The Right Student Housemates And Getting Organised

Choosing the right housemate is equally as important as choosing the right house, as this decision will affect your overall university experience. Make sure you don’t rush into signing for a property without carefully considering who you want to live with. In choosing your housemates, keep these qualities in mind to find;

  • People with similar interests so you can do things together.
  • People with similar budgets so can plan the house expenses together.
  • People who fit your daily schedule (party animals and bookworms don’t mix). 

We hope you’re successful in finding your home, sweet home. For any advice further, you can reach out to us by email at info@sugarhouseproperties.co.uk or give us a call at 0113 816 0131

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