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After pink, green is definitely our favourite colour and we're committed to making Sugarhouse as environmentally responsible as we can.

Faster, greener, safer; a closer look at our bills included rents in Leeds

Since 2016, we’ve tried to make sure that the energy we provide in our rental properties in Leeds is as green as possible, with the majority of our electricity coming from wind farms (as well as the sun and sea), and a commitment to help reduce carbon emissions.

Gas is a bit more difficult as there isn’t yet enough green gas available, but we always endeavour to provide our student and professional accommodation in Leeds with greener gas.  Most of our green gas is created by a process using grass called anaerobic digestion and comes from food or farm waste; they are broken down by bacteria to produce biogas that is purified into biomethane and fed straight into the national grid.

And every group of tenants that rents a bills inclusive property from us gets their very own tree planted just for them.


We don’t have much choice with this one, so it’s good old Yorkshire Water for us! However, we take care of any readings, organise all billing and help sort any problems that may arise.


Where available, our broadband will be provided by Virgin’s Voom Fibre Broadband which goes up to a whopping 350mbs. This is four times faster than other national broadband providers and is quite simply the best product bar none that is currently available for renters in Leeds. For students living in Leeds and studying at home, or professional renters in Leeds working from home, we’ve got you covered. Download speeds go up to 350mbs, upload speeds up to 7mbs, and fault repair timescales are estimated at a speedy 48 hours. It offers unlimited downloads, has fast music downloads, is great for streaming movies and also excellent for gaming. Unfortunately, there are still some properties where Virgin are unable to supply to or unable to get speeds we would normally hope to achieve. Whilst this is relatively rare, where Vivid is unavailable, we’ll do our best to find an alternative that still has sufficient speed to cope with your demands.

Contents Insurance

We’ve selected the NUS approved student rental house insurance provider, Endsleigh (who are also used by Unipol and a number of other University Providers including the University of Leeds), to provide our contents insurance. This means that not only is our cover equivalent to that provided by many of the Universities themselves but we also offer up to £6,000 of cover and, unlike many other policies, we include cover for electrical items (including laptops and mobile phones) whilst in the home as well as photography and musical equipment. We always recommend you read your policy carefully.

TV license

There’s an age-old myth that students are exempt from paying for a TV license, which isn’t the case. Fortunately, we can also organise your TV license for you as part of your Bills Included package. Please remember that if you don’t organise a Bills Included package through Sugarhouse, you will still need a TV license even if you are only watching streamed content, including anything being watched live on any online TV network such as Amazon Prime TV or Now TV.

We offer one TV license per property for communal areas, where included. If there are other TV’s in your house then in some circumstances you may need to purchase additional licenses for these.


In times of energy crises, it’s imperative that we do our bit to conserve energy. As we emphasize the use of green energy, we also want to ensure we encourage the efficient and mindful use of energy. Here are some energy-saving tips:

Sugarhouse Energy Saving Tips

Sugarhouse energy saving tips

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