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Winter-Proof your Home!

With Winter in full swing, and chilly temperatures a daily fact of leeds life, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you home is well looked after this winter!

We’ve put together our top 5 tips to help answer some of the most asked questions that our maintenance team receive at this time of year 😊


My Radiators aren’t working, but the boiler and hot water are fine – what should I do?

It is very common for radiators to need bleeding (air releasing from the system) at this time of year. If you notice your radiators aren’t heating up this is a tell-tale sign of this! To release the pressure or “bleed” the radiator you will need a radiator key which can be purchased from Wilko’s or somewhere similar. Use the key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator; you will hear air release from the system and once water starts to appear close the valve. The radiator should now heat up sufficiently.

Please check out our YouTube video for more info:


My Heating and Hot Water aren’t working, what steps can I take to get it working again?

Your boiler’s pressure should be between 1.5 and 1.8-2 bar. If the pressure is lower than 1.5, it will need re-pressurising which is very simple to do. Every boiler is slightly different so you’ll need to download the boiler manual from Google by typing in the make and model of the boiler (if you don’t have a paper manual at the property) and follow the instructions given on re-pressurising. This should get the boiler working again, and kick start the heating and hot water too!

Please also check-out our basic tutorial on re-pressurising boilers on our YouTube account:


I’m starting to get a lot of condensation and some mould on my windows or walls, what’s causing this?

With cold weather comes the risk of condensation appearing in your home which normally takes the form of black or brown mould spores. There are some simple steps you can take as tenants to avoid this:

1 – Make sure the heating is kept at a constant and warm temperature on cold days: the optimum room temperature is between 18c and 21c, any hotter can create a slight greenhouse effect which mould spores and condensation thrive off.

2 – Ventilation is key to prevent condensation build up. Wherever possible try to keep the windows slightly open, or have the window open on the vent setting. This is best put into practice alongside having the heating on at peak times and the windows fully open when cooking or showering.

3 – Extractors are an important part of keeping cooking and washing areas well ventilated. Make sure the extractors are turned on for as long as possible during and after both cooking and showering.


It’s Freezing!! My boiler’s not working – what’s wrong with it?

When the temperature drops to a certain temperature there are several things you need to look out for….

1 – Frozen condensate pipe: Most gas boilers will have a condensate pipe, there to stop vapour and gases from being released into the house. These can sometimes freeze causing the boiler to stop working, meaning the heating and hot water shuts down. The best solution is to pour a small amount of hot water onto the pipe, which can be found on the external wall of where the boiler is placed. You may then need to reset your boiler to get the heating system up and running.

2 – The same issue although a lot more uncommon is the waste or soil pipes freezing, the simplest resolution is again to pour a small amount of hot water onto the pipe.


Why is it important keep the house clean in winter?

Cleanliness is vital to avoid a variety of problems as the weather gets colder. Moisture is attracted to dust, therefore if there is an area in your home which has a high dust build up (such as window sills, behind TVs or beds etc) condensation is more likely to build up.

Excess clutter can also encourage condensation as it prevents proper ventilation. We would suggest before leaving the property for a long period of time ie. when you go home at Christmas, that you give the property a good clean to avoid any risk of damp when you are away.

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