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With gyms and sports facilities closed across the country; and limitations in place on how far you can travel for outdoor exercise, we thought we would share with you a few local hot spots perfect for getting out in the fresh air.

Located in Hyde Park there is Woodhouse Moor (more commonly known as Hyde Park). The tree lined pathways and open fields make this a perfect spot for an easy stroll or to roll out the yoga mat.

For those who like more of a challenge and do not mind a little mud there is also Woodhouse Ridge. It is easy to forget that you are just minutes away from civilisation when walking the woodland trail.  The breaks in the woodland do offer very picturesque views of North Leeds; reminding you that you are in fact still within the city and not miles out in the Countryside. If you enjoy a little off-road cycling this could just become your new favourite place to visit with your bike.

Meanwood Park is a hybrid of the previous two locations. The well maintained park area offers plenty of space for kick around (with people from your household of course!); whilst the woodlands offer the perfect setting for a walk through nature. This area is heaving with wildlife and is very popular among those who love a spot of bird watching!

If you want to visit a part of Leeds’ history, then look no further than Kirkstall Abbey. It is free to visit the Abbey and its beautiful grounds. There are rolling fields and a stunning lake. We highly recommend waiting for a sunny day so you can see it in all its glory.


As always we advise that you stay safe and adhere to the national guidelines whilst visiting these places.

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