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The Countdown to Moving Out

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Moving out of your Sugarhouse in June?

As exams are over we anticipate that a large number of tenants will be planning to return keys in the coming weeks. If your plan is to remain in the property until 30th June please ensure keys are returned no later than 11am on this day.

This year we have called each group to run through the move out process and what is expected. We have also put together some useful guides to help you ensure your deposit is returned as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please see the links to them below. It is recommended you save a copy of each and discuss with your housemates where necessary;


  1. Moving Out Guide
  2. Handing Back your Property Checklist
  3. Deposit Returns – The Process


For the end of this years’ tenancies, we will also be providing information on recycling sites, foodbanks and charitable furniture donation for anyone who has items they would like to recycle / donate, so  please keep an eye on our social media channels for this information. The links to our socials are at the bottom of this email if you need them.


Important Information for All-Inclusive Tenancies

You will no doubt be aware of the current energy crisis and the spiralling costs affecting the UK energy market. As part of our commitment to providing fixed all-inclusive properties and fair and transparent agreements with our tenants, we have not sought to adjust your contributions and monthly payments and we have to date absorbed the full cost of these price increases.

As your tenancy comes to an end, we would remind you that there is still a maximum usage allowance as part of your agreement and we would greatly appreciate, especially as the temperatures rise, that excess energy is not used wastefully.

We were one of the first companies to promote green energy for the supply of our utilities. Given the limits on the energy resources that are currently available, and the growing importance of energy efficiency to the planet as a whole, we continue to encourage our tenants, and ourselves, to exercise responsible usage and to live as sustainably as possible.

Enjoyed your time as a Sugarhouse Tenant?

Feedback from our tenants is always greatly appreciated. Whether it be the general experience you have enjoyed or a member of the team who went above and beyond this year – we would love to hear about it! If you have a moment to spare to leave an online review we would be very thankful.

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