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Sugarhouse Continues ‘Mission Green’

Its never been more important, or easier, to be Green! Over the recent months of lockdown, we’ve all heard the stories about the changes that happened whilst less people were going out, using their cars and holidaying. The dolphins returned to the Venice canal, migration routes across normally busy roads for small animals like Hedgehogs and Frogs became less deadly due to a huge reduction in vehicle usage, and some of the most polluted beaches in the world began to recover due to the lack of holidaymakers. It’s incredible what can happen, and how nature finds its way back into our lives, when we all stop and think a little!


Last year, we made a Green Pledge, to ensure that as a business, we are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon foot print, by changing our software to enable us to go virtually paperless, providing recycling facilities in the office, and by continuing to choose the greenest energy tariffs for our tenants. We know that many of you are also extremely environmentally conscious, and aware of how our actions now can affect the future of our planet.


David Attenborough’s recent film is a great watch, if you’re trying to work out how you can change something small, to have a big impact. The suggestions from the film, including the reduction in the use of fossil fuels, and encouragement to recreate the wilderness which is being destroyed, mean that if we could all do our bit to help these initiatives, by the end of the next century, a huge proportion of the planet could recover back to how it was at the start of the last century!


So, as part of our pledge towards a cleaner environment, we are continuing to choose the energy tariffs for our bills inclusive tenants, with the highest percentage of green and renewable energy. This year, our supply uses 100% renewable electricity, and also 100% carbon neutral gas. As part of this tariff, 3 carbon fighting trees are planted on our behalf each year, which we think is pretty cool as a part of the energy supply!


So, whilst we’re managing your bills for you during your tenancy, we’re also helping you do your bit for the environment at the same time – what a package!

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