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Moving In?

Moving in with friends

As your move-in day approaches, here are a few things to bear in mind to help you prepare.


Important Checklist Items Before Key CollectionSo keys can be released, please ensure that all tenancy documentation is completed and rent and deposits paid upfront. You don’t want any delays on the big day! Whoever among your group decides to collect the keys should bring a valid photo ID with them. Please note that we cannot hand out any keys until we have received all the necessary documents and payments from the tenants.


Key CollectionBefore your move-in day, we will send you an email with your designated time slot for collecting the keys. This way, you won’t have to spend hours queueing. We ask that one person from your household collects all keys to reduce wait times and makes sure they attend within the allotted time slot given. If you want to avoid the busy rush, you don’t have to collect your keys on the 1st as we will hold them at our office until someone collects them, this can be as late as September!


Reporting initial repairsIt’s likely that we only received the keys back from the previous tenants the day before you move in. Because of this, we have a narrow window to turn the properties around before moving in. We will inspect the property and arrange cleaning and emergency repairs very quickly. For minor repairs, you will be given a QR code to a repair reporting form which gives you the opportunity to report any maintenance needed on the property. These jobs will be carried out over the summer.


UtilitiesAll of our properties with three bedrooms or more should be bills inclusive with everything up and running on the day you move in. Your broadband connection should be fully set up when you move in. However, please be aware that new broadband connections can sometimes take a little time to become active.



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