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Fantastic original comedy at the Original Oak!

If you’re looking for a cheap night out with your friends and fancy something different – this is perfect! The team took a trip to the Original Oak this Tuesday and enjoyed a couple of hours of ‘laugh until your face aches’ comedy.

It’s often hard to find something suitable for all of our team to enjoy; we have the non-drinkers who don’t fancy big nights out… The ones who prefer more physical activities and the ones who hate anything physical. This was a hit with everyone! It takes place in the Oak Room (a small function room upstairs that you may have never noticed was there). There were roughly 50 people in the audience; the host and four comedians. It is a trial show for the act’s new material, and admittedly not all jokes hit the spot. Although the ones that do certainly make up for it.

There was obviously a little abuse hurled at the audience members – and we were in no way spared. If you’re quick to take offence we recommend sitting out of view!

The night got a solid 10/10 from us.

The best bit? Tickets are £2.25 each! Yes – you read that right.

Click here to book tickets for the next show.

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