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Hacks To Make Your Move Back To Uni This September Stress Free!

It’s September already, which means many of you are heading back to uni after the summer break, ready to start your studies again. This year will be very different without doubt, but there are a few hacks and tips that we’ve gathered to help make the process as smooth and stress free as possible!

1. Think about what you ACTUALLY need.
There’s no point everyone in your house bringing everything you might need, leaving you with duplicates of all the essentials. Have a chat with your housemates and decide who is bringing what, to avoid unnecessary expense!

2. Pack Clever.
If you think carefully about what you need, what your essentials are, and how you can pack them efficiently, it’ll save you having thousands of bags and boxes to move into your new home. If there are things that you’ll need but that can wait until you’ve moved, don’t buy them beforehand, it’ll save on the shopping and the luggage!

3. Take a quick look at your tenancy agreement.
It’s probably been a while since you signed your contract, so it’s a good idea to have a quick scan through for the important clauses to let you know about your bills allowances, or council tax exemptions – just to make sure you don’t forget anything!

4. Register for Council Tax Exemption.
You can do this via the Leeds City Council Website, and the best part is, one of you can do it on behalf of all of your housemates. As Students you’re exempt from paying council tax, so you just need to let the council know your details and address so that they can update their records!

5. Check your universities Covid Guidelines.
Things might have changed over the summer with regards to how the uni will be managing your return to campus – take a look on your uni pages to catch up with the new rules and to find out what’s to be expected.

6. Check out local eateries and bars.
After the success of the Eat out to Help Out scheme during August, there are still lots of places continuing similar discounts into September. Look ahead to avoid busting your loan before uni starts!

7. Get to know where you live.
If you’re a Leeds newbie, or a returning student, no doubt you’ll find yourself in a different area or a different part of somewhere you may have lived before. It’s always good to have a wander around, locate he bus stops, train stations, shops and get your bearings!

8. Look out for your friends.
As always, look out for each other. This year will be particularly difficult for many, as a result of the changes happening and the increased government requirements. Be sure to check in on your friends and make sure they are okay, but most importantly, make sure you are okay in yourself too.

Good Luck with your next year of Uni, we look forward to seeing you later this year when you start your search for your next home!😊

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