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Are you house hunting for 2022?

Here’s some top tips from Sugarhouse on what to look for when house hunting;


– Is the house in a convenient location for pubs, shops and the campus?

-How far do you have to dash to make your 9am lecture?!

-Are there good public transport links? Can you get home safely?

-Where’s the nearest supermarket?

-Does your favourite Deliveroo restaurant deliver there?!


– Has the house got enough furniture for the occupants?

– Is any of the furniture the property of existing tenants?

– Is all the furniture in good condition?


– Does the property have a working burglar alarm?

– Is the house secure?

– Are all external doors and door locks adequate?

– Are there smoke detectors fitted?

Gas & Electricity

Is there a copy of an annual Gas Safe safety certificate for the gas appliance?

Is the heating in the house adequate (imagine whether it will be adequate in the middle of winter)?

Do the electric/gas fires and radiators work?

What sort of heating is it (electric heaters are more expensive)?
Does the cooker work?

Has the wiring been checked within the last 5 years?

Who pays the bills? If it’s the landlord, if there a usage cap and do they provide Green Energy?


– If you’re in a larger property (5 beds and above) does the property have a current HMO Licence for the number of people seeking to share property?

– Ask the landlord or letting agent for a copy of the licence and if in any doubt seek advice from your local authority.


– What are you paying for in your rent and is it clear from your contracts?

– How often do you make payments; is it monthly or quarterly?

-Have you paid a deposit? If so what is it for and is it refundable?

– Are you or the owner responsible for the bills (including energy, water and wifi)


– What services is the owner providing for you, if any?

-Are window cleaning and gardening included?


-Is insurance included (and if so, what is covered and what is the excess in the event of a claim?

-If not, shop around for providers and ensure you have the correct cover


– Do you know what type of tenancy agreement you are signing and what this means?

– Are you jointly liable with other tenants?

– Is there an inventory of furniture etc?

– Have you been given a copy of the contract you have signed?

– Have you got a written agreement for any repairs/alterations that need doing?

Owner / Agent

– If you’re renting through a private landlord, do you know the owner’s name, address and telephone no.?

-If you are renting through an agent, what is their reputation like and what are their timescales for repairs etc?

If you need more help or anything is unclear, please do come in and talk to the team at Sugarhouse Properties. We are extremely knowledge, helpful and super friendly  😉

Happy house hunting.

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