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Apps To Make Life Easy In 2023

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How are the new year’s resolutions going? Need a bit of help? Then check out some of the apps that can help. 

While Microsoft Office, Evernote, Canva, and Duolingo are quite popular among students and young professionals, there are several other apps that have been created to make our lives easier and help manage our time, money and studies. As we enter 2023, open AI is already simplifying the most complex tasks, so it’s good to embrace these small enablers that can make a big difference in our lives. These are some of our favourites;

  1. Splitwise

    Have you ever gone out with a large group and forgotten who paid for what and had to stack up bills for days to finally split the bill? (And there’s always that one person who NEVER pays their share!) With Splitwise, you can form different groups with different groups of friends and the app tells you precisely how much you and they owe each other so you know exactly what you should do. 

  2. Soundnote


    This one’s great for students that find it hard to stay focused in lectures. With Soundnote, you can record your lectures and sync them with your notes so you don’t lose any information and make sense of what you missed when you get home. So you can scroll on Insta without feeling quite so guilty!

  3. Wally


    Budgeting is challenging, but the Wally app maintains a virtual spending diary and can be synced with Google to check your spending records and add receipts. Moreover, it helps you set budgeting goals and rewards you for reaching them, which can be quite motivating. (Warning; it can also be slightly terrifying to see how much you really spend on takeaway coffees!)

  4. Sweatcoin


    Love to walk around? What if we told you that you can get paid for just walking? Well, it’s possible with Sweatcoin! The app tracks your overall steps and gives you coins as rewards which can later be converted to cash after meeting the minimum criteria ( 20 coins =  £1).
    So you can start saving money for that gym membership!

  5. Chip


    While you use Wally to plan your finances and budget smartly, Chip helps you boost your savings. It’s always good to set small goals so that you can plan that big New Year’s party, buy that new car, or take that holiday you’ve been struggling to afford. Chip is an AI-powered savings app that syncs with your bank account and learns how much to save based on your overall balance and spending habits.

  6. Mathaway


    Now that our prime minister plans to make maths mandatory up until the age of 18, we might need this one a lot. Mathaway is a life-saving tool for math students who find it difficult to find solutions to some challenging problems. It’s like having a tutor in your pocket! 

  7.  Sleepcycle


    Whether you’re a student or you’re working, Sleep is one of the hardest things to bring on track. Track your sleep with sleepcycle, and set wake-up alarms for short naps to avoid falling into a deep sleep and waking up groggy.

  8.  Topcashback


    This is a great app for saving money and getting discounts. When you shop online, you can earn credit points and rewards and take advantage of exciting discounts. This one’s a must to try out!

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