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Leeds Pop up Park

Cookridge Street, Leeds - Until 4th September 2016

Just in time for the heatwave, Cookridge Street has been transformed into a pop-up park and St John’s Churchyard has turned into a playscape...

Everyone's always saying that Leeds city centre needs more green spaces. Well, now it’s set to get one, albeit temporarily, because Cookridge Street has been transformed into a pop-up park and it’s going to be there until Sunday 4th September 2016.

The space, which often plays host to street food markets and fairgrounds, will be decked out in artificial grass, planters, benches and deckchairs for four weeks, taking us through to the end of the unpredictable period that we’ve come to know as summer here in the UK. The road will, of course, be closed to traffic, following in the footsteps of Merrion Street and Greek Street, in efforts to create more outdoor spaces in the city centre where folk can enjoy those rare days of sunshine.

It’s not the only pop-up space to come to Leeds this summer. Indeed, St John’s Churchyard has been transformed into a temporary play space with climbable sculptures, benches and plants, creating a family friendly environment that will last long after the school holidays have ended. In fact, they’re going to be here right through until mid October.

If you’re really in the mood for summer you could even head up the road to the Pop up beach. Find more details out at: