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The easiest way is just to click here and send us an online viewing request so we can get you booked in. You can also book in via e-mail or Facebook message. However, we always think the best way is to pick up the phone so we can have a proper chat and make sure that we pick out properties that exactly match what you're looking for.

As many as you want! On a viewing we normally allocate a full hour's slot and then select four or five properties for you to view based on your specific requirements. It's always beneficial to have a good think about price, area and the type of property before you book in with us and then we'll make sure that all of the properties you view on the day are suitable.

The vast majority of our properties are furnished. This means that all the basic items of furniture and appliances are provided for your use by the landlord. This includes bedroom furniture (beds and wardrobes, as well as desks and chairs for student rentals), sofas, kitchen appliances (ovens, hobs, fridges, freezers and normally a washing machine or washer dryer) and a number of our properties also have coffee and dining tables, TV's and extra occasional furniture. If you're not sure, ask!

If you find your perfect property (and we hope you do!) then a member of our team will do through all the details with regards to rents, deposits and the legal requirements prior to you signing a tenancy agreement. We’ll also give you plenty of time to ask any questions you may have and will make sure that you're 100% happy before you sign anything. If you are not able to make it to the office, the tenancy agreement is emailed out to you and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The landlord will insure the building but this will not cover your personal contents. If you sign up to one of our bills included packages, we have a policy which will cover the contents within the building for all the named tenants... We can provide details of Insurers that specialise in multi occupancy and student / professional shares; just ask in the office for details. This is relatively inexpensive and we strongly urge you to take out cover in the unlikely event that the worst should happen.

There will be a deposit to pay on your property. This varies depending on the landlord but full details will be given prior to signing. The deposit is fully refundable and held against damage or rent owed on the property. At the end of the tenancy, this will be returned to you provided that all of the conditions of the tenancy have been met.

You or your housemates will have to put down a Holding Deposit. This is only one payment which is the equivalent of one weeks rent. This will be held against your tenancy application whilst we get the signing process and tenancy signed up. You have a period of 14 days to complete the tenancy agreement and associated documents. When all is complete, this Holding Deposit is then converted to form part of your Tenancy Deposit, which is held until the end of your tenancy. You will need to pay the balance of the deposit, which is typically around £300 for a student tenancy. If the application is not completed within the 14 days, or you provide false or misleading information, the Holding Deposit may be retained and forfeited by you as the apply tenant or tenants.

Yes! Any deposit you pay will be protected by your Landlord (or by us if we're also managing the property) as per the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This means that within 30 days of paying your deposit you'll receive information on where this money is being protected and confirmation that this has been done. At the end of the tenancy, both the landlord and tenant need to agree on any deductions; if an agreement can't be reached then the Tenancy Deposit Scheme can act to resolve any dispute.

The prices of our properties are generally, unless stated otherwise in the property description, advertised without bills included but we can offer all of our properties with our bills included packages (although as a tenant this isn't usually economical for 1 and 2 bed properties). This is a great option for larger groups who don't want the hassle of organising utility accounts with multiple people.

If you are organising bills yourself then you will need to take meter readings for the gas and electric once you take occupation of the property and set up accounts to pay for these services with the current supplier (which you can then apply to change if you wish). You will also need to pay for water (sometimes on a meter but more often on a set monthly rate depending on the size of the property) and if you are a professional tenant you will need to pay Leeds City Council for Council Tax (the bands of pricing for this again depend on the property but you can check this at

Student tenants (if ALL tenants are full time students) will be exempt but will need to obtain proof of exemption from the Council. All of our managed tenants will receive full details of how to set up their bills in the Welcome Pack given to them at the time of move in.

The vast majority of our tenancy agreements are Joint Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements. This means that there is a fixed period for the tenancy during which time the landlord cannot increase the rent on the property. Where the agreement is Joint with other tenants (which is likely if you are a group of student or professional sharers), it is important to remember that any debt on the property caused by damage or unpaid rent will be shared by all parties as the property is being rented with joint and several liability.

Unless specified in the tenancy agreement, your landlord will normally be responsible for the repairs on your property. Your landlord has a legal responsibility to adhere to in terms of the nature and type of repairs that they are obliged to carry out and they will also be responsible for repairing / replacing any items that come with the property. Your tenancy agreement may state that you are responsible for the upkeep of the garden, but the majority of our landlords undertake this on behalf of their tenants. For our managed properties, we have a fast response maintenance team and emergency out of hours number so that our tenants have the peace of mind of genuine 24 hour emergency cover. It is your responsibility as tenants to ensure that the property is kept clean and tidy and any repairs or damage are brought to your landlord's attention.

With managed properties, it is likely that all dealings will be with Sugarhouse directly. As well as the signing process, all repairs, rent payments and any issues throughout your tenancy should be directed to our office. We do however also act on behalf of other landlords who prefer to manage their property themselves. In this instance we deal with the signing process and the landlord themself will then deal with any issues that arise throughout the tenancy, including the collection of rent and the organisation of repairs.

Whilst many of our landlords prefer not to have pets in their properties (for allergen reasons and also due to restrictions on pets in a number of building leases), we can offer a number of pet friendly properties. We suggest you contact our office directly and we can offer advice on which properties we have that may be suitable. Please note an increased deposit may be payable.

All of our student tenants will be required to provide a guarantor, normally a parent or guardian, who will be required to sign a Guarantor Form to guarantee the payment of any rent or dilapidations owed by the tenant. For professional tenants who have been in employment with the same company for more than twelve months, we will require employment and current landlord references, as well as the undertaking of a credit check. Some landlords may also still insist on guarantors in certain circumstances.

All rent paid to Sugarhouse directly (i.e. for all of the properties that we manage) will be paid either by direct debit or standing order. Payments can be made monthly or quarterly on fixed dates as specified in your tenancy agreement. For our student tenants, if these dates do not correspond exactly with the payment of your student loans we are normally able, with prior arrangement, to delay these due dates without penalty. This must be done prior to the due date.

For our let-only properties, where rent is paid directly to the landlord rather than to Sugarhouse, most landlords will still request payment by standing order although a number will also request payment by direct debit. Full details will be given prior to date of the first payment being due.

Keys are normally available after 1pm on your tenancy start date. You will need to ensure all documents have been completed and all rent paid before keys will be released. Prior to move in you will be given a Welcome Pack which will hopefully answer most of the questions you may have and make the process of moving into your new home as stress free as possible. Information on setting up utility bills and emergency contact details will also be provided.

At the end of your tenancy, your property will be inspected to make sure it is clean and free from damage. All of our managed properties will be sent a checklist prior to moving out; make sure you follow this to avoid any deductions from your deposit. Once you've vacated you will need to provide confirmation that all of your utility bills and council tax have been paid (or provide council tax exemption proof if you are a student). Once this is received then your deposit return will be processed in line with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme Timescales and a breakdown will be sent out to you.

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  • The best marketing and customer service in the North Leeds student and professional market bar none!

  • They have just organised my third full refurbishment for me and they all look fantastic. I haven't lost a day's rent since they took over

  • They've got fantastic prices and friendly staff

  • Great value properties

  • Friendly, professional service that offers great advice and sees you through from start to finish of the process of letting a house. Always available for any queries that you have and have a very quick response to let any problems that we have had in the house. Feel like we're treated like adults, not students and that they really value our custom.

  • They were very professional and helpful and did their utmost to provide great customer service and find us the exact property we were looking for that satisfied as many requirements as possible. The staff are very welcoming and friendly and were easy to approach with any concerns, requests or questions.

  • Brill company, extremely professional yet friendly and always happy to help! Great to chat to for advice, over all the best in Leeds!

  • They're simpy the best and super efficient!!

  • In a highly competitive category, this agency should be delighted with itself; the judges were extremely pleased to rewards its efforts with the gold. With a focus on students and young professionals the attitude and communication is well tailored to this audience. The team has an established presence across the social media platforms and uses social networking sites extremely well. The website is very good indeed and has a number of features expected by the young and tech savvy target audience. The directors value their staff and there is a very good mentoring scheme in place to develop negotiators into senior staff. As can be expected in student sharing tenancies, they are well versed in dispute resolution and manage to remedy any issues without legal recourse, so all parties come away happy with the results.

  • You've taken a hugh worry from my mind. Thank you so much for all your helpand advice. My tenants have also been really pleased with you which is really nice. Everything was really straightforward and the tenants have been great.

  • Sugarhouse Properties are always helpful when we have any problems with the house and always fix it immediately. They are constantly polite and friendly when we are in contact with them.

  • Many thanks for all your hard work; your administration is excellent and you communicated well with us throughout

  • We had our house on with XXXX for 4 months with no success and no feedback. Sugarhouse advised me to organise some minor improvements and had the house rented within a week!

  • Such friendly and helpful people! All staff are easy to talk to and are open to questions no matter how many! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a house!

  • I have recently organised a house for next year with Sugarhouse and everything went as quick and easy as possible. The team are a great example to all other letting agencies, with their professionalism and commitment. They also make your house-viewing fun, which is very important

  • When we were looking for a house they were so helpful in trying to find what we wanted. Whenever we had problems at the house they are always very quick at responding and fixing the problem. We are very happy with the service they have provide and if we were not in our third year we would definately use them again

  • Great houses with really good facilities. Always reply straightaway and send someone round within the next 2 days. Staff are so friendly!