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Moving out of your Sugarhouse

Moving out of your Sugarhouse

We are starting to receive phone calls about the moving out procedure through Sugarhouse, so we thought we would give you some tips on what to expect and how to prepare for moving out.

Firstly, we are sorry to see you are moving on, we hope you have enjoyed your time in the property. So that you are prepared, we will be delivering to your house a move out pack. (We'll leave this on the kitchen worktop or table).

Each pack contains:

  • a letter which explains what you need to do when moving out
  • a checklist for moving out, including such items like cleaning, etc
  • a key tag per tenant which is needed when returning your keys to us

We have also sent you an email with the move out information on along with a link to a short end of tenancy questionnaire via Survey Monkey. We'd be really grateful if you would take 2 minutes to complete it online.

We’ll keep posting regular updates with other frequently asked questions in the build up to the 30th June, so keep checking into our social media pages.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Can I stay another night as my new property isn’t ready until the next day?

Unfortunately not; new tenants will be moving into the property and we need the property empty so that we can organise a full and detailed inspection of the property. We have a large number of properties to inspect and process so we unfortunately do insist on the property being vacated by 11am on the 30th June.

Can I leave items in the house that I don’t have room for and pick them up another time after my tenancy end date?

Unfortunately not; new tenants will be moving into the property and we cannot have items left behind. We also need the property empty so that we can organise a full and detailed inspection of the property; any items left will be removed and may result in delays with the return of your deposit. This would include charges for their removal.

When will I get my deposit back?

We do not process deposits until we have proof that all final bills have been paid on the property (gas, electric, water and council tax). Once the bills have been received and confirmed we will send a deposit breakdown to the head tenant (as nominated at the time of signing) via e-mail who will need to sign it and send it back to us. This will be done within 20 working days of all final bill confirmation being received. Once we have this signed confirmation returned to us, then the deposit money will be returned by bank transfer to the head tenant’s bank account to divide up. This will be done within 10 working days of the signed confirmation being received.

How do a get proof of bills? What about council tax?

Bills should show clearly that they are the final bill for the tenancy (or run until the end of the tenancy) and contain the property address. To show proof that the bills have been paid, they will need to be stamped as paid (if paid in a bank or post office) or with a copy of a bank statement showing that payment has been made directly. For council tax, we require proof or payment (where the property is not fully occupied by students) or a certificate of exemption from the council if all occupiers are students. This can be obtained by the council.

Proof of bills for all-inclusive properties & Individual Room Share Agreements

For Bills Included properties, we will check the utility bills for the tenants (so no utility proof is required) but we still require proof of council tax payment / exemption.

For individual room-shares (where you rent a property on an individual room basis) which also include council tax in the rent, there is nothing required from the tenants. They will simply receive a deposit breakdown within 20 working days from the date the tenancy ends. This is the only time that deposits are sent back individually.

But you didn't tell me this before!

This information has been provided to you before. Details of how to get your deposits returned are specified in the tenancy agreement that you signed, the welcome pack picked up at the time of key collection, e-mailed out prior to the end of the tenancy and then finally delivered to the property a few weeks before you move out.

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  • You've taken a hugh worry from my mind. Thank you so much for all your helpand advice. My tenants have also been really pleased with you which is really nice. Everything was really straightforward and the tenants have been great.

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