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Let’s Get Political (Student Elections)

Calling all Leeds University Students! In these turbulent political times, your student elections are a regular reminder of the positive power of democracy and the practical implementation of representation at university.

Student and society elections mark a key opportunity to consider what you want to change at university, and what you are wanting to get out of your time in Leeds. Never got around to trying that new sport you were determined to as a fresher? Concerned about lack of diversity in student representation? The 2018 manifestos are marked by a distinct focus on diversity, inclusivity and mental health wellbeing.

So put down your books, if the 2AM red bull essay writing frenzy will allow, and have a read of a few of our hot picks this years race!



Fungai Karigambe aims to improve provision for students struggling academically and mentally, and to introduce a student mentoring initiate where student support staff will be available in all faculties. Not just a 'fun guy'...


Ben Sanbrook-Davies, a self-confessed keen bean, is notable for his focus on the need for more communication between the highest level of university staff and students, allowing students to become involved in the decision-making process. He also promises to introduce more postgraduate events to increase inclusivity for the postgraduate community. Back Ben!



Aysha Burton has acknowledged the important issue of the lack of diversity in STEM subjects and is campaigning to open these doors to PoC. Her manifesto is dominated by championing oppressed groups at university and promises to reduce isolation faced by BEAM and LGBT groups when starting at University by... #BetonBurton


Here at Sugarhouse we are impressed by the practical and ambitious manifesto of Gellar day, who aims to 'move margins', promising to campaign for free sanitary products in all bathrooms, and to launch an intersectional accessibility guide for Union events. As a genderqueer, pansexual, disabled individual, Gellar has been guided by the push for equality and hope to help others overcome barriers within the university.



The success of Chloe's current role as Welfare access makes us tempted to back her re-election campaign. She has worked hard to raise awareness on toxic relationships and sexual violence and to protect all students from hate crimes based on race, religion and sexuality. She wants to take this further by introducing friendly welfare events such as pet therapy and coffee afternoons.



Laura Redsell's manifesto has some refreshing ideas to increase community cohesion including charity fundraisers and fun workshops. Rather than promising unrealistic policies; Laura proposes ideas to help tackle problems surrounding the student lettings calendar, such as storage facilities for students to store their belongings during the changeover period. Laura 4 Community!

These are a few of the candidates, there are plenty more candidates with innovative and refreshing ideas that promote inclusivity, diversity and celebration of talent within and beyond university. For full details of the nominees and other categories, visit the link:


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