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Finding Houses to Rent Direct From Landlord

Sometimes in life it is useful to use a middleman and sometimes it is better to deal direct with the concerned parties. One of the areas where it can often pay to deal direct is the area of private landlord houses for rent. When it comes to landlord houses for rent, it is often cheaper to rent houses from private landlords as you cut out the fees to letting agency and this works out well from the point of view of the landlord also.

However, it is sometimes advisable to go through a reputable agency such as Sugarhouse Properties, since there can be many things which can go wrong when you are looking for houses to rent direct from landlord and landladies. The first potential sticking point between tenants and landlords is the issue of deposits. Tenants, in many cases, will not be able to stump up huge sums, but equally a landlord who has just let their home out to a stranger will want the peace of mind that there’s a cash buffer in place in case tenants go AWOL or the property gets damaged.

What is a reasonable amount to charge as a deposit? How much work is a landlord expected to do around their property? And when is it OK for tenants to withhold rent? Where rental properties are concerned these are just some of the questions that crop up again and again, so whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, knowing the answers to these questions is essential. There are many guides out there to help you through this minefield, and a lot of the information is available online these days.

Finding a place to rent direct from landlord

There is no particular site where landlords would advertise on, however the best thing to do is to look into the local newspapers of where you would be interesting in renting. Most landlords would advertise on these, and therefore you may not need to use an estate agency. Please note that it may be beneficial to use an estate agency however, especially if the apartment is let and managed. This is because it may sometimes be difficult to get in contact with your landlord, should anything go wrong! Different agencies have different requirements regarding referencing, and therefore you may pass even if you have had been turned down before.

I recall the first time I had to find a house to rent direct from landlord, and the amount of trouble I had. In the first place, it was difficult enough to arrange a meeting since he was so busy all the time. Once this was done, the viewing went quite smoothly but I made the mistake of showing how eager I was to rent the property and since the landlord would have done anything to rent out the house, he was eager to praise the property. I used to have difficulty contacting him with problems but he turned up to collect the rent as regular as clockwork!